Business and Accountancy

The primary task of the Business and Accountancy programs in LCC is to produce and contribute to the development of business and accounting professionals. These programs utilize an integrated approach to the study of business and accounting concepts and examine how effective the orchestration of these different components of business operations can lead to organizational success.




Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)

  • The BS Accountancy program provides general accounting education to students wanting to pursue a professional career in Accountancy in general and in Public Accounting in particular. Further, this is the program that complies with the latest competency framework for professional accountants. Thus, this qualifies the graduate of this program to take assessments leading to certifications in Accountancy given by the Professional Regulatory Commission – Board of Accountancy (PRC-BOA) and other global professional Accountancy organizations.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information Systems (BSAIS)

  • The BS Accounting Information Systems (formerly known as BS Accounting Technology) is an accountancy program that combines information technology (IT) tools to accounting concepts. The program prepares future Accounting Information System professionals to resolve business issues using their necessary knowledge and technical competencies in accounting and other financial-related services while planning, controlling,  and evaluating an effective information system. Graduates will be ready for business and are prepared to take global assessments for certification.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

  • The BS Business Administration program of LCC prepares the students for a career in any organization, handling many diverse human capital requirements of the organization, financial management, staffing, career development, and marketing. The BSBA students in are trained with the general perspective view of business and organization management such as operations management, marketing management, financial and accounting management.  total quality management, information systems, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship.
  •  MAJORS:
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing Management


Graduates of LA CONCEPCION COLLEGE have the ability to:

  • Articulate and discuss the latest developments in the specific field of practice;
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing using both English and Filipino;
  • Work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  • Act in recognition of professional, social, and ethical responsibility;
  • Preserve and promote “Filipino historical and cultural heritage” (based on RA 7722);
  • Participate in various types of employment, development activities, and public discourses, particularly in response to the needs of the communities one serves. (based CMO No. 46,  series 2012); and
  • Embody the LCC’s Core Values – Leadership, Competitiveness, and Culture of Excellence that befit a true proud LCCian.

Business and Accountancy Common Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the Business and Accountancy programs equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, attitude, and values shall be able to:

  • Describe basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling;
  • Identify and describe the basic concepts that underlie each of the functional areas of business and employ these concepts in various business situations;
  • Select proper decision-making tools to critically, analytically, and creatively solve problems and drive results;
  • Express clearly and communicate effectively with stakeholders both in oral and written forms;
  • Apply information and communication technology (ICT) skills as required by the business environment;
  • Work effectively with other stakeholders and manage conflict in the workplace;
  • Organize and lead groups to plan and implement business-related activities;
  • Demonstrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility; and
  • Exercise high personal moral and ethical standards.

Program Outcomes for BSA and BSAIS:

Graduates of the BS Accountancy and BS Accounting Information System programs equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, attitude, and values shall be able to:

  • Resolve business issues and problems, with global and strategic perspective using knowledge and technical proficiency in the areas of financial accounting and reporting, cost accounting and management, accounting and control, taxation, and accounting information systems;
  • Conduct accountancy or accounting information system research through independent studies of relevant literature and appropriate use of accounting theory and methodologies;
  • Employ technology as a business tool in capturing financial and non-financial information, generating reports and making decisions;
  • Apply knowledge and skills to successfully respond to various types of assessments including professional licensure and certifications; and
  • Confidently maintain a commitment to good corporate citizenship, social responsibility and ethical practice in performing functions as an accountant.

Program Outcomes for BSBA:

Graduates of the BS Business Administration program equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, attitude, and values shall be able to:

  • Analyze business environment for a strategic direction;
  • Prepare operational plans;
  • Innovate business ideas based on emerging industry;
  • Manage a strategic business unit for economic sustainability; and
  • Conduct business research.



Graduates of the Business and Accountancy programs are prepared for careers in the following fields, among others: 

BS Accountancy Graduates

Advanced positions

    • Public Practice: Partner, Senior Partner, Senior Consultant/Financial Advisor
    • Commerce and Industry: Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer
    • Government: National Treasurer, Vice President for Finance/CFO (for GOCCs), Commissioner, Associate Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, (COA, BIR, BOC)
    • Education: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean

Middle-level positions

    • Public Practice: Audit Manager, Tax Manager, Consulting Manager
    • Commerce and Industry: Comptroller, Senior Information Systems Auditor, Senior Fraud Examiner, Senior Forensic Auditor
    • Government: State Accountant V, Director III and Director IV, Government Accountancy and Audit, Financial Services Manager, Audit Services Manager, Senior Auditor
    • Education: Senior Faculty, Accounting Department Chair

Entry-level positions

    • Public Practice: Audit Staff, Tax Staff, Management Services/Consulting Staff Commerce, and Industry:
    • Financial Accounting & Reporting Staff, Management Accounting Staff
    • Tax Accounting Staff, Internal Audit Staff, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Credit Analyst, Cost Accountant
    • Government: State Accounting Examiner, State Accountant, LGU Accountant, Revenue Officer
    • Audit Examiner, Budget Analyst, Financial Services SpecialistEducation: Junior Accounting Instructor

BS Accounting Information System Graduates

Advanced Positions

    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Information Officer
    • Vice President for Finance / CFO

Middle-level Positions

    • Comptroller
    • Senior Information Systems Internal Auditor
    • Senior Fraud Examiner
    • Senior Forensic Internal Auditor
    • Financial Services Manager

Entry level positions

    • Financial Statement Preparers
    • Financial Accounting and Reporting Staff
    • Management Accounting Staff
    • Tax Accounting Staff
    • Internal Audit Staff
    • Financial Analyst
    • Credit Analyst

BS Business Administration Graduates

Any supervisory or managerial job in the field of specialization, government, and private

    • Banking and Financial Management
    • Human Resource Development
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Educator
    • Business Researcher
    • Entrepreneur
    • Businessman

Entry-level jobs per area of specialization

    • Office Assistant
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Human Resource Assistant
    • Banking, Trust, or Insurance Assistant
    • Executive Assistant
    • Marketing Assistant