LCC’s Criminology program is committed in producing mentally and physically equipped graduates, and it is  therefore the mission of the Criminology program to provide the community with professionally competent and morally upright graduates who can deliver efficient and effective services in crime prevention, crime detection and investigation, law enforcement, and custody and rehabilitation of offenders, among others.


The 4-year  BS Criminology program  is geared towards careers in scientific crime detection, police administration, corrections, jail management and penology, fire protection and industrial security as well. Its pragmatic value lies in its responsiveness to the strengthening of law enforcement agencies, the improvement of criminal justice administration and the enhancement of the public safety and security.




BS Criminology Graduates

  • Police Officer
  • Criminologist or Crime Sociologist
  • Law Enforcement Administrator
  • Forensic Experts

Police Photography, Dactyloscopy, Ballistics, Polygraphy (Lie Detection), Questioned Document Examination, and etc

  • Correctional Administrator
  • Behavioral Scientist
  • Security Professionals
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Private Detective
  • Sea or Air Marshal
  • Probation Officer
  • Paralegal