LCC Hymn


by: ABEL Division 2017

Verse 1:

We lead, we compete, we excel

We are proud LCCians, proud LCCians!

Forward we march, we all yell

We are proud LCCians, proud LCCians!

Guided with a motherly care

LCC mark we bear

Chorus 1:

We praise you and salute you

 Forever we say, ‘Thank you.’

For keeping your torch aflame

While we stride heads up high

taking pride in your name

Chorus 2

Dear LCC, Alma Mater

You raise us to be better

Your thrust is to serve us all

Molding us to be bright so

we’re here standing tall


We uphold your core values

All we learned will be of use


LCC brings out the best in you

Changing lives for the better you.

(repeat Coda 2x)


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