La Concepcion College envisions herself to be one of the forefront educational institutions that serves as catalyst of change for the holistic development of the community, the country, and the ASEAN region.

Inspired by the motherly care and ideals of Mary Immaculate Conception and guided by the core values that befits a true LCCian, LCC dedicates herself in the pursuit of her purpose of inspiring her students and stakeholders to be in their fullest potential by cultivating minds, capturing hearts, and changing lives to become better individuals of the society.

Because LCC aims to – Change Lives for the Better YOU.


A true LCCian is characterized by

   Leadership  Ÿ –   Competitiveness  Ÿ –    Culture of Excellence

LCC Leaping Towards 2023

Faithful to her Vision-Mission, LCC envisions herself in her 25th year of existence as an accredited academic institution exceeding standards and actualizing the full potential formation of her students and stakeholders to be part of the CHANGE towards the betterment of the country, the nation, and the ASEAN Region.

LCC Leaping Towards 2023

Long-term objectives are engineered for the improvement of the following strategic areas: 

LCCian Identity
Physical Facilities
Student Services
Culture and Sports
Human Resources
Information Technology
Alumni Linkages
Community Linkages
Growth and Expansion