As a student, there is more to life than what happens inside the classroom! Here at La Concepcion College (LCC), we make the most of the opportunities for our students to get involved in campus life, connect with others, and find support to help them succeed.


Through our various curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities that enable the total well-being of our students. These activities are geared towards teaching the minds, touching their hearts, and changing the lives of our students to become better individuals.

Here at LCC students are involved in leadership positions that serve as an active part of the LCC community and helps in various ways throughout the school year. They also exhibit competitiveness as they compete in academic, cultural, and athletic competitions within and outside the school. Most importantly, they hone their knowledge, skills, and attitude aimed at the culture of excellence.

There are active student organizations in LCC, under the supervision of the Office of the Student Affairs and the LCC Supreme Student Council, that equips the school year with meaningful activities.


LCC also taught students to be PROUD and ADAPTABLE. Proud because of its numerous achievements. And adaptable despite the vast circumstances surrounding us in our community and country, they should stay focus and strong as they   inculcate among themselves the core values that befits a true LCCian:

   Leadership  Ÿ –   Competitiveness  Ÿ –    Culture of Excellence