Tuition Fees

All school fees prescribed per pupil or student in a semester or school year are required to be settled before or at the end of the term regardless of actual participation in the said activity.

I. Schedule of Fees


Pre-school to Grade 10 (New Students)


Pre-school to Grade 10 (Old Students)


Pre-school to Grade 10 (New Students)


Pre-school to Grade 10 (Old Students)


Grade 11 & 12: Acedemics, Tech-Voc, Sports, and Arts and Design Tracks

Note: We accept Voucher from DepEd for students from Public School (P17,500 ), while students who ESC Grantees from ESC Participating Schools (P14,000).


  • Registration and Miscellaneous Fee  – P 2,600
  • Tuition Fee –
    • P 5,000 / Semester (Full Load)
    • P250/ unit
  • Laboratory Fee – P 200/ unit

II. Terms of Payment

  1. Cash Basis:

Registration & Miscellaneous Fee, full Tuition Fee, and all other fees for the entire semester or school year shall receive  10% Discount.

  1. Installment Basis:

LCC adopts several Plans of Payment. There are Plan A to Plan D for Basic Education Department and Plan A to Plan C for College Department. Parents, guardians, and students are advised to choose for the desired plan of payment, changing of plan in the middle of school year or semester is not allowed.

 III. Schedule of Payments

It is advisable to secure accountabilities (permits) earlier or before the exact date of exam, rather than suffering from long lines of queue. Schedule of payments and amount that needs to be settled are available at the Accounting Office and at the Certificate of Registration (COR) or Certificate of Matriculation (COM).

III. Schedule of Fees

Tuition and other fees are subjected to change upon due notice in accordance with the guidelines and approval of the Department of Education, everyone will be informed in any changes from the tuition and others fees.

IV. Promissory Note

Students without permit or cannot pay their Tuition Fee on time are allowed to apply for “PN” however subjected for the approval of the Accounting Office

Once failed to comply to the Promissory Note or failed to pay on the promised date, no more second chances for PN

 V. Refund of School Fees

Tuition fees and other fees may be refunded to pupils or students who have erroneous computation in accounts. A letter has to be made signed by the parent who registers the student, or any authorized person before refund will be done.

If a pupil or student however withdraws under certain circumstances as described below. However, all pertinent fees, are always charged in full and are not refundable under any circumstances.

  • A distinction is made between students who withdraw and students who commits Absence Without Leave (AWOL).
  • Withdrawals are permitted within thirty days after the beginning of classes provided the College is notified promptly in writing and the request is approved by the Principal.
  • When no written notification is made, the student is considered dropped, and charged in full for the entire semester or school year, regardless of actual attendance.