LCC Emblem

I. The College Seal

The logo embodies everything the College stands for. Indicated in the seal is the name of the College against a blue background. The year of establishment, and the College philosophy on an upward thrust of ribbon: “Our Thrust is To Serve You” which specifically entails Changing Lives for the Better You. The bamboo torch with roaring angelic wings signifies nature and spiritual values and while holding a powerful red flame that embodies strong passion for quality education.

II. The College Colors

e College colors are blue and white. Blue represents the calm yet strong and steadfast nature of the College. The roots of the color blue in LCC are from the veil and symbolism of Mary Immaculate Conception who is the primary inspiration of the College name.  White is for purity and of intentions of the College with its commitment to serving its current students and Alumni empowering the College Philosophy and thrust.



III. The Mary Immaculate Conception

Symbolically enough, to the feast of the Immaculate Conception celebrated on every 8th of December is the conception of the Virgin Mary and the inspiration for the College name. LCCians are synonymous with being Her sons and daughters filled with divine grace embodying her characteristics as the Mother of Jesus in the period of conception.  LCC embodies the whole vital role of Mary Immaculate Conception on how She conceived Jesus comparable to how  LCC continues to conceived its students and alumni and extending its motherly hands to San Joseños and LCCians from other towns, to become well-rounded individuals for nation-building.



IV. LCC Saints Dragons

Saints are individuals of exceptional holiness who are important in many religions while dragons are a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. In as much, LCC Saints Dragons are the representatives and pride of the College in sports and recreation competitions having a vigorous strength and depicting the core values of being exceptional in their craft and pride as LCCians.

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V. LCCian Yell

A true LCCian is characterized by the three core values of LCC: Leadership, Competitiveness, and Culture of Excellence. As a proof of being a true LCCian that befits these three core values, a unique LCC yell serves as the battle cry to uplift the spirit of a PROUD LCCian.

“Who are you LCCians?”

We LEAD, COMPETE, EXCEL – We are proud LCCians!