Teacher Education and Psychology

LCC’s Teacher Education and Psychology programs recognize the diversity of human intelligence and aspires to hone professionals who are deeply rooted in the fields of Social Sciences, Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, Arts, and Humanities.  LCC firmly believes that the human developers (teachers and psychology practitioners) constitute the most important human resource of our country. As such, the these programs uphold its ideals in honing future elementary, secondary, college teachers, and psychology practitioners who are imbued with the ideals, aspirations and traditions of Philippine life and culture and  equipped not only with the necessary pedagogical skills but also with the adequate and updated knowledge in their fields in line with institution’s goal of providing relevant education.

General Objectives

  • To develop professional teachers, English language specialists, and professional psychometricians  and psychologists who are committed to the deep sense of humane principles as well as the pursuit of truth, justice and peace;
  • To develop individuals imbued with a social conscience and an abiding faith in God and in his fellowmen, whose personal fulfillment is anchored on integrity, professional competence and social concern;
  • To develop individuals whose visions and interests are not only confined to their field of specialization but also who reach out for the welfare and progress of the society with whom they interact.


A complete 4-Year undergraduate  course that prepares graduates with proficiency in the English  and other foreign languages’ teaching and learning processes, competence in linguistics, and excellence in research. The program trains future English teachers  (elementary/high school / college), editors (newspaper, magazine, company/agency publication), editorial assistant, copywriter, public relations officer, interpreter, secretary, researcher, government extension worker, translator, and  customer service assistant.

A complete 4-Year undergraduate  course that prepares graduates in the field of pyschology, medicine, teaching, and research. The study of Psychology adds vertical dimension to the lives of students by deepening their knowledge of themselves and that of other people. It is a compelling field of study because it deals with topics that can be applied to everyday life. The educational, industrial as well as the clinical exposure the students undergo during their practicum or on-the-job training will prepare them to be effective workers in the helping profession.

Facilities include:

        • Psychological Research Room
        • Psychological Testing Laboratory
        • Chemistry Laboratory
        • Physics Laboratory
        • Science Laboratory

A complete 4-Year undergraduate Teacher Education course  offered by LCC since 2002, that trains future pre-school and elementary teachers on the different pedagogic approaches and strategies in teaching elementary pupils.

Major in Filipino – 4-year program designed to train those who wish to teach Filipino language and Philippine literature to high school students.

Major in Mathematics – is a 4-year program designed for mathematics teachers in the high school level.

Major in Social Studies – is a 4-year program designed for History, Economics, and Social Sciences teachers in the high school level.

Major in School Physical Education – 4-year program designed to train those who wish to teach, train, and coach Physical Education and other Recreational Activities


Program designed to entitle those who are non-education graduates to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers by requiring a minimum of 18 units of professional education units,  the 18 units can be taken in one semester.  

RA 9293 “AN ACT AMENDING CERTAIN SECTIONS OF REPUBLIC ACT NUMBERED SEVENTY-EIGHT HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX (R. A. NO. 7836), OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE “PHILIPPINE TEACHERS PROFESSIONALIZATION ACT OF 1994” requires all persons engaged in classroom teaching in the basic education level in the country to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).  

Section 1. Section 15, (e) (3) of Republic Act No. 7836 is hereby amended as follows:

(3) For teachers in the secondary grades, a bachelor’s degree in education or its equivalent with a major and minor, or a bachelor degree in arts and sciences with at least eighteen (18) units in professional education;

Professional teachers who have not practiced their profession for the past five (5) years shall take at least twelve (12) units of education courses, consisting of a least six (6) units of pedagogy and six (6) units of context courses or the equivalent training and number 1 hours to be chosen from a list of courses to be provided by the Board and the Department of Education, before they can be allowed to practice their profession in the country.



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Teacher Education and Psychology Students


Bachelor of Arts in English Language Graduates

  • College English Teacher
  • School teacher in private or public secondary schools
  • ESL teacher
  • Online tutor for foreign or local students
  • Speech and writing coach/trainer
  • Editor/proofreader/copyreader
  • Public relations and media affairs practitioner
  • Writer for newspapers and magazines

Bachelor of Science in Psychology Graduates

  • Psychometricains
  • Clinical Psychology practitioner
  • Pre-medicine course
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Educators
  • Psychology Advisers
  • Researchers

Bachelor of Elementary Education Graduate

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Researcher
  • Book Author / writer
  • Counselor
  • College Professor
  • School Administrators
  • Tutorial Center  Owner
  • Reading Specialist
  • Manager
  • School Library Staff

Bachelor of Secondary Education Graduate
(Major: Math, Filipino, Social Studies)

  • Teacher in the Major taken
  • Tutor
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Tutorial Center Owner
  • Researcher
  • Book Author / writer
  • Counselor
  • College Professor
  • School Administrator
  • Manager
  • School Library staff

Bachelor of Physical Education
(Major: School PE)

  • Coach in different sports
  • Dance instructor
  • Gym / recreations manager
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Researcher
  • Book Author / writer
  • College Professor
  • School Administrator
  • Manager