Information Technology

The Information Technology programs provide the students with the necessary skills and understanding to manage, improve and take care of computer systems and applications. LCC recognizes the field of Information Technology (I.T.)  as an ever dynamic field. . Almost all aspects of business processes and personal activities require computer integration.  The emphasis of the courses we offer are both on the hardware and software components of I.T.  LCC offers  programs suited for the needs of today’s IT flat form. Students will be prepared to work with advanced computer and communications equipment, computer applications and as support for offices and IT organizations.


Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

The 4-Year degree program is the study of Information Technology (I.T.) specifically the  utilization of computer hardware and computer software to plan, install, customize, operate, administer and maintain information technology infrastructure to be implemented as solutions in various business processes. The BSIS program is commonly referred to as the emerging field of Business Analytic or I.T. in the Business. It prepares the students to be I.T. professionals and experts on design and implementation various information systems for business processes.

2-Year Information Technology

The 2-Year Information Technology is a tech-voc program offered by LCC and is a duly recognized skill by TESDA: Programming NC IV . The curriculum is designed to meet the  latest demand in the IT industry. After completing the 2-Year I.T., the program leads the graduates to the 4-year program of BS Information Systems.


Computer Laboratory

Computer Technician


2-Year Information Technology Graduates

    • Office Clerk / Encoder
    • Technical Support specialist
    • Computer Technician
    • Network Assistant
    • Call Center Agent
    • Programmer
    • Systems Developer
    • Web Developer
    • Entrepreneur in IT Industry

BS Information Systems Graduates

    • Applications Developer
    • Database Administrator
    • Data Quality Specialist
    • Business Process Analyst
    • Systems Implementation Specialist
    • Quality Systems Assurance Analyst
    • Systems Auditor
    • Multimedia Developer
    • Web Administrator
    • Web Developer
    • Entrepreneur in IT industry
    • IT /IS /CS instructor