READ at LCC Vision-Mission


READ@LCC (Resources for Education and Development @ La Concepcion College) is an academic media center that envisions itself to be the information resource center of choice among the students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders of La Concepcion College.

In the pursuit of attaining its vision, READ@LCC aims to hone an individual that befits the core values of a true LCCian: Leadership, Competitiveness, and Culture of Excellence by providing quality information resources and services and thus, support the development of instruction, research, and community service functions of La Concepcion College.


The READ@LCC Media Center, inspired by its Vision-Mission, affirms and commits itself t0 promote the core values of the media center:

Read . Learn . Connect


The READ@LCC Media Center seeks to:

  1. Develop flexible and innovative SPACES, both physical and virtual, that encourages research, teaching, learning, and collaboration, and that extend the media center’s services and collections to the community.
  2. Provide outstanding COLLECTIONS by developing, preserving and organizing materials that support the curriculum and research needs and aspirations of LCC.
  3. Deliver outstanding SERVICES, which enable users to transform knowledge and achieve further discoveries, and to become self-sufficient, knowledgeable consumers of information.
  4. Recruit and retain diverse STAFF committed to service excellence, continuous learning, and leadership within the profession.
  5. Preserve the rich HERITAGE of the college, and be the forefront leader in campus-wide preservation of the LCC’s legacy.