2-Month Welding

TESDA-LogoLCC’s 2-Month Welding course will enable students to gain knowledge and develop skills in the welding process. The welding process is the joining of two metals permanently with or without heat, with or without filler metal. The following skills are expected after finishing the course: welder skill in position & technique, welding procedure (current, voltage, bead length per electrode, weaving, arc length)



  • 2-Month SMAW NC II (Shield Metal Arc Welding)

Shield Metal Arc Welding NC II better known as SMAW is a registered program of LCC from TESDA, it prepares students to acquire competency skills in welding. The program is a 3-Month course, that includes an assessment examination from TESDA, where LCC is known for bagging 100% Rate in SMAW Examination.


Welding Laboratory

Welding Student