College Freshmen Orientation A.Y. 2013-2014

WELCOME FRESHMEN! Organized by the Guidance and Counseling Office the LCCian college freshmen were welcomed by their respective Course Department Heads at the College Freshmen Orientation A.Y. 2013-2014 held on June 25, 2013 at the LCC stage.

1016116_583315481700435_833787625_n - CopyMr. Francisco C. Magpantay, College President gave a scholarship

grant to a self supporting freshman

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Freshmen A.Y. 2013-2014

Each Course Department Heads warmly welcomed their respective students and actively explained and shared the rationale of the chosen course as well as its respective career opportunities. The welcome ceremony proper was done by the college’s Board of Trustees, headed by the LCC founders Mr. Francisco C. Magpantay, College President and Dr. Loreto F. Magpantay, Vice President both who sincerely welcomed and gratified the freshmen for choosing and trusting La Concepcion College. The freshmen for the 1st Semester A.Y. 2013-204 belong to following programs:

BS Accountancy
BS Accounting Technology
BS Business Administration
BS Criminology
BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
BS Information Systems
BS Psychology
BA English Language
B Elementary Education
B Secondary Education
2-Year Information Technology
2-Year Hotel and Restaurant Services

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