Semestral Break Assignment

Since the semestral break have started here under are some rules to reflect upon while classes are suspended.

Rule no. 1: You are in LCC, you must know the CORRECT spelling of your school, memorize and take to heart the alma mater’s mission vision, prayer, and hymn.

Rule no. 2: If you are in  Pre-school, Elementary, or High School you must know the CORRECT name of your section and your teacher adviser.

Rule no. 3: If you are in College you must know the CORRECT name of your course or degree.

Rule no. 4: You must know the CORRECT names and faces of your teachers, administrative, and support staff.

This will be everyone’s assignment and will be due on the resumption of classes.


  • Pre-School to High School – November 4, 2013
  • College – November 12, 2013

Enjoy your vacation LCCians!

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