Start of Classes for S.Y. 2018-2019

The theme for this School Year is “LCC: One System . One Goal: ” this is in line with the systems thinking advocacy. Regardless of the continuous expansion of LCC having four campuses this coming school year such as the Kaypian Campus, 3rd Campus,  Francisco Homes Campus, and Muzon Campus, it still acts as ONE SYSTEM that is faithful to its vision-mission. This shall only be possible with the cooperation of all the stakeholders: Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and the Community.

This year’s theme is for the direction of all the teachers, staff, and the entire LCC Family to commit to being together in achieving the life purpose of the school— Changing Lives for the Better YOU. Change for the better, change to be a proud LCCian. An LCCian who befits the core values of the school – Leadership, Competitiveness, and Culture of Excellence.

May the good Mary Immaculate bless this school year, welcome  School Year 2018-2019!

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